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Working hours are great. If for any reason you are going to be a bit late you just stay that bit more at the end. if you are going to arrive after 10:30 you have to inform the manager, but the process is usually the same. There is almost no stress regarding to the work you have to do. The lunch is not free, but it is cheap if you have a contract with AKKA. the workplace and the atmosphere in the office is nice and the people are friendly. The buildings are new and clean and there are some interesting projects. There is no effective communication/collaboration among the managers. If you are an engineer you belong to one manager, and if another one has a project matching your skills he is not going to know about your existence if you don't find out about that project and communicate with him directly. Being friends with managers will get you a project easier than having skills. You feel like you are being treated as a product. You should be able to move if you are asked to even if you have a house contract for one year. You don't really have a saying if you want the project or not once they find you one, even if it is a bit away of your competencies. If you refuse, things are going to be bad. If you spend too much time without a project, you are out, even if they haven't proposed any project to you in between. Since you stop making money for them, they don't need you. This creates a situation where you are in a constant stress about the future.
Points positifs
schedule flexibility, cheap lunch, friendly people
Points négatifs
bad management, future insecuriy
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