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Good place to work

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The organisation helped me to grow and learn about recruitment and how the entire cycle of recruitment works. My boss at Antal was of great support and really helpful.
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The worst place for freshers.

The worst place for freshers. As they overload you with work and training together. The work culture is very stressful. They don't mention that your supposed to call using your personal phone. It is not a MNC at all. Please don't fall for the destinations mentioned. It's just an attraction trap for freshers.

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Long working hours, No response to queries asked
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Productive Workplace

Developed own skills for Client Acquisition, Client management , Client servicing, relationship building , have developed robust Recruitment Strategy for Pharma and Other Verticals

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Healthy Atmosphere

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Less paid
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Great Place to grow

Antal is a great place to grow, expand learning curve, widen scope, and most important working with a diversity of multinational colleges who you can learn from and mingle with easily as the management of Antal are always encouraging employees to do so and even gives them the facility and opportunities from the same.
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Productive and Fun Place

Typical day was to align meting calls and go for business meetings Learned new things meeting top people in the industry. Management was good, motivating and very helpful. Workplace culture was best, Friday activities Hardest part of job when clients were not responding to the meeting schedule.
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Productive and Learning

Antal is recruitment business leader with the global search and selection industry - working with professional and managerial talent, worldwide. Headquarted in London, UK Antal Utilizes an extensive international network to carry out cross border work allows which brings a truly unique approach to the recruitment sector
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Productive and fun workplace

Pros: 1. Managing partners are very friendly, supportive and have good experience in their respective fields 2. Good work environment with ample opportunities to work with the bigwigs in the market. 3. Great work-life balance. 4. you get to meet and learn from the best in the industry. Cons: 1. The job tends to get repetitive and monotonous
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Best place to work!!!

It is a great place to learn! One can enhance their skills and expertise by following a set of processes the company follows which would help an individual in his/her career in a long run. Excellent co workers and their is a lot of exchange of ideas and information as everybody comes with a sector specific expertise.
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full of pleasure

this is good ,environment is good so it will be good for everyone . on the other hand we can say that it plays a crucail role in international work
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Fun and Good team

Good place to learn and work. Variable is not upto the satisfactory. Not well paid. Good training is given. they dont care about the employee.
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Productive & fun workplace

Overall it is a good organisation to work with.I could learn a lot but work was same all the times of the yr,no changes, so it used to be monotonous for me. Other than that employee friendly org

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employee friendly

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job monotonous
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MG Road

9.00 AM to 6.30 PM End to End Maintain Database Antal Team 8 To Check duplicate Send the mail

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Achievement and workplace fun

Safety meeting and site inspection then move to my desk for replies to earlier mails. Works inspection and recommendations, meeting management for reviews of procedures , technical challenges , policies and regulations , visit to various sites .I am always the team manager because of my peoples' management skills and interpersonal relationship with both the management and the work force.The hardest part of the job is when I see some workers not adhering to safety.Most enjoyable part is when a project is completed and score zero in injuries.

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long hours
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