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Laid back fun and comfortable, but unless you have a science backround advancements wont happen. I worked there for six years. Back when I hired it was awesome. But the company was sued and they couldn't keep an HR staff for more than a year (or less) at a time.The favoritism here was at every level from upper management to bottom of the "food chain" I was let go after 6 years thinking it was because I was inadequate at my job. As it turns out it was to make room for an old flame! If I could do it all over again I would of stayed in job of hire and not move. But I also would have had to be a suck up to Atilla, who you could tell what kind of day you were gonna have on how her hair and makeup looked. Dressed up and done up equals good day. Hair in a ponytail and little or no makeup.....look out!
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Pto, After work gathering, 5 day work week
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Structure, Favoritism, Pay
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