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Fantastic place to work

This is the best job I ever had, only reason I don’t work there anymore is because I was in a temporary contract when covid hit. I would happily work there again and stay there for a very long time. The staff are so friendly and easy to talk to. Everyone is always happy to help. The job is so easy if you enjoy talking to people. The management staff let you get on with your work as long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Breaks are well scheduled and the common/staff area is lovely.
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Muy profesional, buen ambiente.

Equipo muy profesional, eficiente y con una cultura empresarial muy veterana. Buen ambiente laboral, posibilidad de crecer en la empresa. Compañeros de trabajo impecables.
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I did it as work experience

i mean to be honest i did this job as my first work experience job, i was only there for a week maybe two but it was really good and i got to learn the ropes. now it's hard to explain the pay as i wasn't paid and i went at the time due to my school and this was like 8 years ago at this point. but it was lovely
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Poor management not much money to be made and forever closing stores! Staff are friendly but you do get the odd one that thinks they know more! I loved my time there but wouldn’t go back
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Not for me

Telesales, with a weeks training. Very fast paced, there isn't much support and it was very hard to hear people on the phone. The system crashed a lot and the customers were (quite often) rude and impatient.
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Look else where

It’s very meh to work for Interflora, I worked there for a little over three years as a temp and got absolutely no job security. Major devise between the temps and perms and the old and young. The younger employees are expected to work much harder and do a lot more than the older employees, and they refuse to let any of the permanent staff go even though most of them aren’t great. Also I thought the pay was fine until I applied to other positions and realised we were getting less than £16,000 yearly and most people doing this job get 19,500+ so a good amount less. They beg for feedback and when it’s given it’s never applied, they clearly think of the customer service staff as grunts and we are treated as such. Please look elsewhere.

Points positifs

I made one friend

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Toxic work environment
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Just a number

Pay was above average, however your just a number to management. Was employed at Christmas time through brook street they took on over 50 people then found out after had left my job that only around 5 would be kept on. False advertisement there? maybe on brook streets behalf? If your face fits kind of company. I left before the bulk lay off was done for a permanent job as wasn't a risk I was willing to take.

Points positifs

Double time
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Très bien

Entreprise en constante évolution avec beaucoup de projets à venir. Ambiance très agréable et direction bienveillante.

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Salaire, 13 eme mois, prime, panier repas, frais

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Good place to work

Enjoyed my time there, people can progress well within the business - sensible structures make getting things done easy. No concerns - possibly a little bit corporate for such a small place.
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productive and fun

its pretty easy to work at interflora and the staff are all lovely and enthusiastic. but the temporary hours are not ideal when you need a full time job to pay the bills. no matter how eager you are to work it seems like you are on a thread as they can cut you at any moment
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Nice and friendly enviroment However not much room for progression.

My time at inteflora was quite short however I learned a great deal. The job was relatively easy and not to stressful. The only downsides are that you are working one minute and then told your not needed the next.
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Do not recommend. This company use agency staff at busy periods much like many companies do but they do not value the work ethic of these hard working people and end their employment with only a few hours notice.
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Fast paced working enviroment

Enjoyed working at Inerflora but with it being a seasonal position there are not many opportunities to be kept on. Was also promised a few things upon beginning which did not materialise.
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environnement de travail détendue

J'ai été très bien accueillie bémol je n'est pas eu une seule fois la chance d'en apprendre plus sur ce métier qui m'attirais au départ. J'ai été très déçu. Je travaillais plus que nécessaire sans rémunération!
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Pays the Bills

I was only working there along side my university and it was flexible and payed well. There was no drama, training was great and overtime was welcome.
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Web Designer

When I joined the company a few years ago the culture was nurturing and encouraging. Even during heavy work periods such as Christmas and Mothers day I felt supported and accomplished. I was thanked for hard work and staying late. And although there were not as many benefits as other companies, we did have free food and team meals out. The team members I worked with are among my best friends and I really loved working with them. Recently though due to budget cuts and varying management style I feel that morale has lowered and staff do not feel as appreciated. The few benefits we did have such as free food have been taken away and we are expected to do twice as much work for no reward, even out side of peak times. Overall the job is good, but I do feel that standard of care for staff have fallen and it I having a noticeable effect.
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mala gestión

La direccion es muy mala. No siguen el trabajo de los sectores
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Lively and friendly co-workers.

I was at Interflora for a short time while they needed more employees during the busy period, coming up to valentines. Before starting, they gave me and the group I was with, training in how to operate the phones while filling in customer details, order specifications, and file customer complaints. This training was very helpful and efficient and I was fairly confident and ready to start when it had been completed. The employee facilities are very good, offering practically a full kitchen and coffee venders.
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Great Emoloyer

Best place I ever worked Very supportive management. Always had your back. . You worked hard but you were rewarded too. No two days were the same. Should never have left
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A job for a working lifetime. I learned to talk with respect to members of the public, how to handle complaints and calm angry customers.

Interflora, is the best place I have ever worked at, the management is good, they always have your back and I received plenty of support when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I would still be there today, but I wanted to deal directly with people on a one to one basis. There are plenty of perks and offers for improvement. Even today, the HR department are still helpful when I ring up for references, could not praise them any higher.
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