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My typical day would start off with cleaning be shop floor and place the boards outside. I would then check the emails for income orders whilst waiting for a new the new stock to come in. When the stock arrived I would unload the lorry and place the flowers gentle on the floor and count how much was there and checking the order. Once everything was in order I then proceeded to organise and neaten the flowers by removing some of the leaves from the bottom and trimming the stem for a fresh cut, they would then be placed in to clean bucket with fresh water and some flower food. The water would be changed once every 2/3 days. They day would then continue to making flower bouquets, serving customers, handling money, taking orders, delivers and so on. Once the day was over I brought the boards back in, I cleaned the shop floor, turned everything off and closed up. I arrived and hour early to make sure that I was on time and so I could have time to clean and present the store to high standards. The people I worked with were very easy to work with and i bonded with them well, I was able to know about the flowers and what it was like to work with others. What I learned from here was how to be patients with the customers, how to sell a product and how to present a working shop. I was also able to work in a constant change in the shifts. The hard part about the job was trying to boost up my confidence because I was a shy person but after the experience I have no trouble at all. The most enjoyable part from the job was being able to create and sell my own products.

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Stressful during the holidays
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I did it as work experience

i mean to be honest i did this job as my first work experience job, i was only there for a week maybe two but it was really good and i got to learn the ropes. now it's hard to explain the pay as i wasn't paid and i went at the time due to my school and this was like 8 years ago at this point. but it was lovely
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Beautiful and worthwhile occupancy

Sadly this florist has closed now, however during the busy periods that I had worked there the job was incredibly worthwhile. There's nothing like a bouquet of flowers that brighten up someone's day and makes the smile during happy and sad times; to be a part of this team was definitely great.
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